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Fitness 19 Advertising

Fitness 19 Advertising

A recent quest for greatness in my level of fitness has been especially helpful in a recent photo shoot for up-and-coming fitness chain Fitness 19.

The minute I walked in, I was impressed with how new and clean it looked and…smelled…for a gym.

My mission: to show the quality of service their patrons receive for a low price…But how to translate the quality you get for a low price? How, in a few images, to show how much bang you get for your buck? I decided the best way would be to showcase their team of trainers in various scenarios.

I used a hard-edged lighting style to accentuate the muscle tone of their incredibly fit trainers. I think it did double-duty too-and highlighted their brand spankin’ new equipment. Using what I’ve been learning in my own journey training, I was able to direct better as well. Shoot what you know!

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