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Downtown LA Street Series

Downtown LA Street Series

This series was inspired by a show about street photography, and the aspiration to shoot differently on my upcoming trip to Cuba.


These random images were captured in less than 30 minutes and were taken as I cruised through the neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.


I love the narrative here…short stories of daily life. The juxtapositions of people is a true account of the city – including a fragment of its hypocrisies and beauty. The most fascinating part, in my opinion, is how much a person’s appearance provokes unconscious assumptions about them. How much do I really judge a book by its cover???

The guys at the top strike a chord of 70’s mobsters. His old-school style and the body language between them make me really wonder what they were talking about…(I need my money Charlie”)

LA Street-002

The lady resting on the bench expresses her weariness. Using a badly broken umbrella to shade herself and kicking off her shoes, I can only imagine what her past looks like. How did she get here? Is she happy?

LA Street-004

And this fellow, sitting on the soiled pavement waiting for the bus… I wonder if his past included sex, drugs and rock-and-roll…

LA Street-003

The businessmen on cell phones are just as common as the homeless here in downtown. They intermingle without acknowledging the other’s presence.

LA Street-006

This girl sitting on the bus was protesting…preventing it from moving on because it wouldn’t take her where she needed to go.  The bus honked and the driver waved profanities at her but she stubbornly shouted, “no!” They were there for more than an hour according to someone who had gotten off the bus to walk the remaining leg of their destination.

LA Street-007LA Street-008

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