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Advertising Photography for La Jolla

It’s sometimes a relief when I get a client who knows EXACTLY what they want and all I have to do is execute. That was the case with The La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association. I was provided an illustrated comp to match and set free on La Jolla Village for a sensory adventure in photography!
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Fitness 19 Advertising

A recent quest for greatness in my level of fitness has been especially helpful in a recent photo shoot for up-and-coming fitness chain Fitness 19. The minute I walked in, I was impressed with how new and clean it looked and…smelled…for a gym. My mission: to show the quality of service their patrons receive for
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Photographing Micro Parts

For an advertising product shoot I had this month, I had to use some new tools..(Insert Tim Taylor grunt here).. It’s not easy to shoot something the size of a pen tip…and make it look good! Tweezers? Check. Teeny spotlight? Check. Magnifying Glass? Check. Scientific lens that can capture something 5x it’s size? Check. Patience?
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I recently photographed the fellas behind Bullets2Bandages for an article in The Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/11/erik-spalding-and-cole-evans-bullets-2-bandages-veterans_n_1085095.html The impressive thing was not just the creativity behind their unique jewelry, but that it has a noble cause behind it. They are sending proceeds to  The Travis Manion Foundation and overall just using all the skills they have obtained in
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Photographing Flowers

Spring is here and the flowers are in bloom at Adelaide’s Flowers in La Jolla. http://www.adelaidesflowers.com/ The brand new owner of this decades-old establishment decided to re-vamp their look with some new photography by yours truly. A few things I noted about photographing floral landscapes: Find it’s “face”- For many of these complex arrangements, it can
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