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Lisa Carano

Ever heard of Ferrari Carano Wines? How about The Eldorado Hotel/Casino? If you have, you are probably familiar with the Carano name. You never know what to expect when meeting someone whose name is as common as McDonald’s. I certainly didn’t expect a funny, down-to-earth chick who just likes to cook and spend time with
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Photographing Micro Parts

For an advertising product shoot I had this month, I had to use some new tools..(Insert Tim Taylor grunt here).. It’s not easy to shoot something the size of a pen tip…and make it look good! Tweezers? Check. Teeny spotlight? Check. Magnifying Glass? Check. Scientific lens that can capture something 5x it’s size? Check. Patience?
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Yoga de-matted

I love the whole concept of yoga. The breathing, the stretching, the Chi… Having photographed it on multiple occasions, I was looking for a different approach this time. There’s something un-glamorous about someone rolled into a pretzel.. on a mat… on the floor. So I decided to take it off ground and outside to get
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Photographing summer in the winter

As is often the case with magazine work, I was tasked with the nearly impossible. Capturing the look and feel of one season, smack in the middle of the opposite season. Luckily, Jana Vanderhaar’s sunny smile, (and great resources), melted the blowing snow and freezing temps outside and we got a great photo of her
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Being positive…in Northern Nevada

When people ask me the best part of my job, (which seems to be fairly often), I always think the same thing: The amazing people I get to meet on my travels and all the new stuff I get to learn . Jennifer Burton was definitely high on that list. A news anchor, blogger and
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Making an outdoor photo studio

This is something I have wanted to do for a loooong time. There’s something about the way natural light caresses the slopes of the face, lights up the eyes so much differently than artificial sources. There’s really nothing like it for a gorgeous, soft portrait. Which is exactly what I was going for with RENO Magazine’s
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I recently photographed the fellas behind Bullets2Bandages for an article in The Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/11/erik-spalding-and-cole-evans-bullets-2-bandages-veterans_n_1085095.html The impressive thing was not just the creativity behind their unique jewelry, but that it has a noble cause behind it. They are sending proceeds to  The Travis Manion Foundation and overall just using all the skills they have obtained in
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Artist on Artists

I must admit that I always get extra nervous about being “creative” when I shoot artists of various sorts…and photographing these incredible painters in San Diego got my juices goin’! First was Stephanie Clair, the “Modern Day Romantic Artist” http://stephanieclair.com/ Not only was she beautiful, not only was her work incredible, but she is the mother
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Editorial Portrait with a 1936 Mercedes 500 K

In the latest cover I photographed for RENO Magazine, I got the chance to shoot with this incredibly rare and special car. One of only five still in existence, this 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Special Roadster, also happened to be originally owned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, (The Sherlock Holmes creator) and is worth and estimated
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Best of Reno

What’s not to love about a “Best Of” assignment? Find out the best things to do in any city and experience them! This time, I got to run around Reno to capture the best of the best and they sure did pick some great winners! So here’s a great day in Reno: Start out your
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