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La Habana, Cuba

Habana pulses with a palpable duality. This contrast is not only evident through its dual currency, the melting of Spaniard and African cultures or the distinct racial and socioeconomic divide, (although that is all definitely present.) The subtler duality is the tightrope many Cubans walk between hardship and happiness, want and contentment. It is this
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Downtown LA Street Series

This series was inspired by a show about street photography, and the aspiration to shoot differently on my upcoming trip to Cuba.   These random images were captured in less than 30 minutes and were taken as I cruised through the neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles.   I love the narrative here…short stories of daily
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I spent the past week island hopping in Greece visiting Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos, and Katakolon, (Olympia).   If there was one thing I learned there, it was how MUCH of contemporary American culture and language comes from the Greeks. Everything from architecture, democracy, The Olympics, and literature to Nike, (the Greek goddess personifying victory.)  
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Barga, Italy

Call it being exhausted from touring and walking and being sick, but I totally conked out on the long train ride from Roma to Barga. My cohort chatted with pretty Italian girls who answered in broken English and giggles. I was SO tired.   Upon arriving in Barga, I knew at once that this was
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Venice, Italy

On my last stop in Italy, I rambled along to Venice, and back into the crowds of tourism. After the obligatory visit to St. Mark’s square, some amazing seafood, (including Anthony Bourdain’s recommendation of squid in its own ink!)A fun encounter with pigeons, And a quick tour of an open-air produce and seafood market, I
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Rome, Italy

I have wanted to go to Italy for as long as I can remember. My fantasies were fueled in adolescence by Hollywood movies, books and cooking shows. When I finally made it this year, as much as I didn’t want to be a dumb tourist, I was…and I loved it. I decided on this trip
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Architectural Photography

 I had the opportunity this month to shoot the historic Newlands Masion for RENO Magazine. This historic home was completely remodeled while keeping the original 1888 style. Down to the detail in the Kalamazoo base burner and Eastlake Victorian chairs this place was a true gem. A warm welcome into the house, “Ladybird” says hi.The entry parlor
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The New Tijuana

“From what was a boarded up broken down image of a bad economy, these people are rising like a phoenix in the hidden alleyways below the main drag.”

Advertising Photography for La Jolla

It’s sometimes a relief when I get a client who knows EXACTLY what they want and all I have to do is execute. That was the case with The La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association. I was provided an illustrated comp to match and set free on La Jolla Village for a sensory adventure in photography!
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Fitness 19 Advertising

A recent quest for greatness in my level of fitness has been especially helpful in a recent photo shoot for up-and-coming fitness chain Fitness 19. The minute I walked in, I was impressed with how new and clean it looked and…smelled…for a gym. My mission: to show the quality of service their patrons receive for
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