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So yeah, I’m a total tequila snob. Not even kidding.


Why is this important to mention? A friend of mine once noted that my tequila snobbery actually reveals some insight into my character, shining a subtle (and, if you will, spirited) light onto the depths of my character.


Not the snob part. Nope, my personality is about as approachable and friendly as they come.


But what I appreciate about good tequila is its layers.


And with good tequila, you’ll taste the depth. You’ll soak in the layers. You’ll see the complexity of colors that it picks up from the oak barrel, and you’ll enjoy the smoothness as it warms your body, from its initial moments bathing the palette on down.


How exactly does this relate, you’re probably wondering? I’m getting there. Promise.


I am a photographer, by passion and profession. And my favorite part of what I do: The layers.


Everyone — and everything — has them. And my job is to capture them.


Whether it’s a clandestine self-consciousness that shapes a statuesque woman and serves to convey her character, or an evident blaze that utterly radiates from an elderly gentleman’s smile lines.


Whether it’s the striking luminosity of the sunset waters in Oia, Greece, or the rich patina of a wood grain in a conference table that serves as the backdrop for a portrait.


There are abundant jargony terms that my profession utilizes: interpolation, pixels, depth-of-field, aperture and more.


And while I’m an expert in all of them based on my degree in photography and over a decade of working in the industry, these terms are merely the tools for something far more important: for capturing the diverse qualities, levels and layers of a subject.



One of my favorite toys as a child — well, besides my Polaroid camera— was a kaleidoscope.


And all of these years later, I realize exactly why I was so fascinated by the intricate beauty of the tumbling patterns and textures.


It was my photographic eye, immature though it was at the time.


Layers. Levels. Textures and patterns.


Beauty is everywhere. And my job is to capture it, in striking images.


If you haven’t sipped an añejo tequila, please take my word for it: Make it a priority.


Perhaps it will help you appreciate the layers of beauty that exist in fine spirits. And perhaps it will help reveal that my work — my spirit — is reflected by those very layers.


I look forward to capturing the striking kaleidoscope of your layers.

All Images © 2016 - Alicia Santistevan - All Rights Reserved Up