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Best of Reno

Best of Reno

What’s not to love about a “Best Of” assignment? Find out the best things to do in any city and experience them!

This time, I got to run around Reno to capture the best of the best and they sure did pick some great winners! So here’s a great day in Reno:

Start out your morning at Bibo’s, (my personal favorite) coffee shop for an amazing cappuccino and a leisurely read of the latest news.

Then, for a little shindig you are throwing the next day, stop by to pick up incredible, (and healthy!), catering from World Market and a uniquebottle of wine from Craft.

You worked hard, so get a little something for yourself at the Diamond Vault http://www.diamondvaultreno.com/flash/dv-main-fla.html, (Tell Dr. Diamond I sent ya 😉

Now you can have a pipin’ hot and delicious lunch at

 PHO or be really bad and have a Texas Toast Cheeseburger from Ernie’s All American Burger in Sparks.

But after eating so much you are compelled to work some of it off so head up to the best Pilates studio in town and take a class with Sophia the sic-six-pack and studio owner

You feel great so you can end your day with a romantic interlude at Beaujolais http://www.beaujolaisbistro.com/

have a fun night with the girls at The River Room,

OR just have a nice, cold beer at home.

Choose your own adventure!

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