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Barga, Italy

Barga, Italy

Call it being exhausted from touring and walking and being sick, but I totally conked out on the long train ride from Roma to Barga. My cohort chatted with pretty Italian girls who answered in broken English and giggles. I was SO tired.


Upon arriving in Barga, I knew at once that this was the highlight of Italy so far. THIS was the view from the train station! The views on the ride to the hotel were even more breathtaking and, (aside from us), there wasn’t a tourist in sight! We climbed higher and higher into the mountain and I could barely stay seated. Now THIS is what I had been fantasizing about!! This more rural, clean, step back into time. The colorful facades in the village, the light mist hovering just above the valley. The vista from the hotel was like a painting!!


After checking in and exploring the place, I set out to see the village. The hotel was so far up the mountain it took 15 Euro and 20 minutes to get there, but WHAT A TREAT! We walked through the pristine square and nodded hellos to locals. I marveled at the complete lack of graffiti, litter…people! It was so refreshing after a few days in Rome. I gorged myself at a local restaurant, L’Osteria di Riccardo, where Riccardo himself waited on us. I walked waddled out of there 2 hours later and a bottle of wine richer.


The next day, I happened across a gelateria and, in my best Italian impression, I asked the fellow behind the counter which flavor was his favorite.  “Per mi..” he hesitated, he pointed to a stripy chocolaty looking one. I tried it…and another…and chose Nuticella, an egg and hazlenut flavor that will henceforth be known as “The Best Gelato In Italy” to which all good things will be compared. OMG. Yes it was that good.


The walkways, the steep alleys, the duomo – it was charming and dignified and … I had officially developed a serious crush on this place!!


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