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Advertising Photography for La Jolla

Advertising Photography for La Jolla

It’s sometimes a relief when I get a client who knows EXACTLY what they want and all I have to do is execute.

That was the case with The La Jolla Village Merchant’s Association. I was provided an illustrated comp to match and set free on La Jolla Village for a sensory adventure in photography!

The sound of a new Ferrari 458 Spider sent chills up my spine at Symbolic Motors-where I started. I settled on shooting an Aston Martin, though, since it was the closest looking car to the comp I was given. I daydreamed wistfully about driving this beauty down the PCH with Tom Petty blasting on the stereo and…wait..I can’t even drive a stick. (I never tried again after putting my Dad’s Ford Escort in a ditch at 16…) Ah, well, back to work…

Just a few blocks away at Karl Strauss, the aroma of burgers, beers and french fries beckoned my stomach and my camera. Who said it was bad form to eat the props? Mmmmm…. props…

Finally, after much back and forth, sourcing just the right shoes, and running around in the sand at La Jolla Cove, I shot the first part of these contrasting shoe images.

Finally, back to the studio where I captured the “high fashion” heel! 

I think they looked fabulous on the final comp!


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